Bulldogs News · Freshman Dawgs finish season 6-1

After a change of venue came down last week, the Freshman Bulldogs ended up hosting the Valley Rams tonight as The Rams came in a herd down I-85 and tried to lay claim to our turf.  That was not going to happen. Bulldogs will defend their turf with tenacity and that’s what we did tonight.

The Rams took control of the opening possession of the game. The Rams lowered their horns and headbutted our Dawgs in the early going, but a ferocious pack of Dawgs stripped the football and gave possession to the Dawgs offense. The Dawgs offense proceeded to impose their will on the Rams defense. Kaden Cooper, Bryce Speakman, and George Meyers moved the Dawgs into scoring-land. Speakman hit Meyers on a long pass, Cooper ran in for the touchdown, Meyers kicked the extra point and the Dawgs took the lead 7-0. The Dawgs would add two more scores as the Cooper-Goodman-Speakman-Meyers show was on point. The Rams did use a little smoke and mirrors to lull us to sleep on defense as they took advantage of busted coverage and scored a long TD pass. The 2-point conversion was snuffed.  The Dawgs took a 21-6 lead into halftime.

The second half saw us trade headbutts and body-blows as a light rain pelted Bulldogs Stadium. The Rams showed a little spirit and scored 16 points to our 6 in the second half but the game had been decided. The final score: Bulldogs 27- Rams 22.

Offensive Player for Valley Game= Kaden Cooper

Defensive Player of the Valley Game= Jaclarence “JC” Perry

Tonight’s game concluded the Freshman Bulldogs season.  These great young men played great all season and showed lots of heart as they learned to play high school football.

Thank you to all you fans who have been here all season with us!!! We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you to the cheerleaders, trainers and other support staff that kept us going as well. Thank you to our Varsity Head Coach Erik Speakman for keeping the boys on your radar and feeding them. Thank you everyone for a great season! Go DAWGS!!!